AssimpKit at a glance


AssimpKit is a cross platform library (macOS, iOS) that coverts the files supported by Assimp to Scene Kit scenes.

Why AssimpKit

AssimpKit currently supports 30 file formats that allows you to use these files directly in SceneKit without having to convert these to any of the files that SceneKit or Model IO supports thereby saving an extra step in your asset pipeline.

File formats supported

Currently AssimpKit supports the following file formats:

*3d, 3ds, ac, b3d, bvh, cob, dae, dxf, hmp, ifc, irr, md2, md5mesh, md5anim, m3sd, nff, obj, off, mesh.xml, ply, q3o, q3s, raw, smd, stl, wrl, xgl, zgl, fbx, md3*